What’s next?

I got my A level results and i’m glad. The results were a testimony to His power to make do of whatever ability we have. And although the tough competition and scrutiny in singapore sometimes make me cringe at my own results, i will get over it because i will not greed take over the glory of His miracles. Who is to judge what is sufficient? No one but Him.

The next part of my life; i approach it with such apprehension and uncertainty that its insulting. Oh dear Maryse, what has become of the child within? the one that fuels the curiousity and adventure in me. Have i become a clone? a clone of anyone else but me. No, i will not give in. I will continue to create me.

Gung Hey Fat Choy

This week is Chinese New Year week. The Chinese warmly welcomes this occasion with red decos and embraces it with the gorging of snacks and treats. And hence, next week, we’ll be punished with a mandarin orange-shaped body. Funky…

I met up with Edmund ( and shaun plus rex) ! Once again, he amazes me with his hobby of ‘debating’ in singlish and entertains me with his dorky habits. Splendid shit.

I worked 3 days this week at USS. Its tiring because of the sun and the standing. Moving around in cooler conditions would be more favourable. The silver lining; i get to mix around with really great ppl that really have a knack for sexual innuendos.

Anyway, Hong Bao collection, here i come!

Clockwise: Me, Edmund, Shaun, Rex.

Vietnam in Maryse’s eyes

things i learnt in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh:

1. Government is democratic communist. Small group of big shots call the shots for the millions of others. Pictures of their founder is often seen and regarded with an almost-religious respect.

2. They are estimated 200 years behind Singapore in terms of development. No MRTs and the public buses are not commonly used by people. Pavements are sloppily constructed and roads are bumpy.

3. The Vietnam War lasted between 1900s till the 1990s. It was the only war the Americans lost and displayed the ingeniuity of the vietnamese in war tactics and survival. People who manage to slay Americans during the war are praised to be ‘ American Killer Hero’.

4. Honking is free and widely exploited by the Vietnamese. Buses have modified loud honks while cars and the millions of motorcycles contribute their fair share of  noise pollution.

5. Vietnamese women are hardworking. Due to the nature of governance, often women contribute a significant amount of effort is all sectors of service, labour and even war.

6. Society lacks motivation for improvement. Ignorance is bliss; the people are not exposed to a higher standard of living and are mainly living life for survival. Societal behaviour may seem stubborn or self-isolated, sometimes even rude.

7. As one would expect, poverty is prevalent. There is little or no initiative by the government to increase or promote higher standards of living.

Bring your big fat ego somewhere else


My ‘fkin’ smart comment sparked the fire that momentarily scalded his ego. His ego so wounded from gender role drifts? or so fragile and sensitive to protect what he thinks he’s losing?

Whatever… Anything… I’m drinking that beverage for now. If i care, i’d feel hurt. Nope, i’d let the anger thrown on me wash over my innocent skin which i do hope would thicken so the tears wouldn’t pinch my eyes. Recovery came fast with music, thankfully. Muse, K-pop; what would i do without you???

Merrily Musing Maryse

Maryse is happy cuz Maryse get’s to Muse! yippee! happiness and joy!

Maryse is happy and excited for the upcoming weekend trip to Vietnam! New place, new experiences!

Maryse is pleasantly surprised and thankful for the flexible hours in USS! met great people too!

No Muse, my dear.

I’m not going to Big Night Out.

I’m not seeing Muse live.

I’m not seeing Saosin live.

I am willing to try despite the nerves to lose myself into Muse‘s concert alone. Anything for the ultra-creative Muse.

No dear, You’re not seeing Muse live. You’re not.


Human first?

today’s post is gonna be a pouring of the pondering thoughts in my head abt identities mostly homosexuality and gender. No offense intended to anyone and all these thoughts are solely mine and generalized by my experiences.

I feel that while many youths now accept homosexuality, a great deal of middle age ppl are homphobic. Males: they persist with the mindset that a gay would (even should) be physically assualted and emotionally abused in NS or dealt with burning glares if gays publicily show their affection. Females: they maintain a tolerant party for their feminine friends and do not out-wardly show any disgust or disrespect.

this is my view of society but i am disgusted with the issue of violence and disregard for homosexuals. ditch the support of pro-gay campaigns; i currently view these homosexuals as humans first before anything else. Violence to another person with no intention of harm is unjustified! ” i beat the guy up cause he’s gay” is the same as ” i beat the guy up cause i know his personal sex life is different from mine”. I’m sorry, but is my personal life your business? If discriminating homosexuals is socially-accepted, then why can’t i march up to some machochistic chauvanistic man yelling at his wife and slap him? or whack the kid poking the injured kitten with a stick?

My point: society’s detest of homosexuality is partly due to the glamourous and emotional nature of it. ‘Hating a homosexual makes me a macho man.’ ‘Supporting a homosexual makes me different.’ Screw that, i say let that guy go because he’s a human just like you. Just like racial violence, it depends on whether you call yourself human first or by your own race. then again, your race wouldn’t matter if you ain’t human first; that would reduce your so-called race to a classification of animals.

Afterall, some people would say ” ‘Say No to Homosexuality’ sounds better than ‘Say No to Animal Cruelty’ “. why? apparently, its cooler to fight with talking-homosexuals than moaning-animals. If/When 2012 comes, which matters most? being whoever you are or being human; the essence of Mankind? Funny thing that Adam Lambert’s singing the theme song ‘Time for Miracles’. The miracle: Treat me like a human first…

New Year, Same Resolutions

New Year’s tomorrow! i wonder if everyone’s excited… or perhaps most of us would feel the pressure to change our lives if this year is hasn’t gone as well as the previous? i’m gonna brace myself for the coming events; new job, A level results, Uni life. time flies; i’m gonna be a Uni students already. blinking slower doesn’t slow time down.

i’m preparing to head to Taiwan this saturday:D i’m gng with my family and popo! yay! hopefully, it would be a better experience than the previous time not that it was bad that time. i still wanna go Australia but well, time may fly but as long as i live, time hasn’t run out for me.

Christmas Miracles?

Hallmark recently started airing shows related to the x’mas spirit. They are all really heart-warming stories that demonstrate a stong belief in the x’mas spirit and miracles. If any miracles were to happen to me, i wish for the return of a special friend and also the strengthening of the friendships i already have and treasure with all my heart. i don’t usually believe in Santa Claus or reindeers but this year i’m putting my faith that He will move something in my life. If it so happens on x’mas, then i’d be pleasantly surprised but this does not nullify the joy of the other blessings i have been given by His grace.

I’ve currently hired by Univesal Studios Singapore aka USS. So far, the orientation has been fun and most of all, i’m in the company of my friends and also the great ppl i’ve met:D i can’t wait to start work after the x’mas week and learn more!

Falling revelations

I fell on tuesday during a cycling trip with friends. according to William: the bicycle spun but i didn’t. which means i kinda got flung from the bike and onto the path. Injuries sustained are a scraped wound on the right knee and a large bruise on the left, both causing me much anguish and pain especially when i bathe or move. i blame myself in overestimating my abilities and also partly, unalloyed carelessness.

things got worst; got dad to fetch me– misunderstandings–> big argument in the care resulting in my tears and his anger. rational thoughts could not reason with him as anger and paternal care clouded his mind. i could understand that i have provoked him and thus, it was my fault. he repeatedly said apologizing doesn’t help yet as i sat there quietly, he questioned my stillness. conclusion: reason and love are like oil and water.

PS: i’m nt gonna out pics of my wounds. LOL. and the prom pics can be found on FB. my own pics are stuck in a battery-flat-camera.

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